Strand Layers

THE FASTEST: Dragging speed 47m/min

The Strand Layer is a machine designed to solve the strand laying problem within tormworks in prestressed.

The ease of usa of the Strand Layer derives from a unique pratical concept pull through separator and reinforcement cages, a small cable instead of the strand.

This new methodology allows you to lay the strands:
- In every condition
- In a drastically reduced time, to the
towing spood of 47 meters per minute - With a single operator
- With a minimum physical strain
- In maximum security


Strand laying time with a single operator in a 1 00 mt formwork
- cabla insertion through sepa-ators: 2 rrin
- Strand cutting and locking in the pliers: 1min
- Towing with radìo control 2 min TOTAL: 5 min


Strand laying time with three operators in a 100 mt formwork:
-Two strands in 5min